The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

I’m a big fan of YouTube’s new campaign in which they are putting together an orchestra to play at Carnegie Hall and just wanted to point it out because YouTube are effectively crowd sourcing an orchestra.

On a practical level it’s an incredibly simple idea (upload sheet music, offer big prize, count the entrants) with massive reach and an almost guaranteed high level of take up.

On top of that it’s pretty damn exciting: For me, as a guitarist more notable for my tenacity than talent, the campaign is absolute wish fulfillment yet doesn’t feel that unattainable; the music is written for me, I get a master class with the London symphony orchestra, all I have to do is upload a video.

Like any other crowd-sourced idea they are going to get people coming at the music from every angle and I think are probably going to come up with a very different piece of music from the same piece performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

21cmedia who seem to be running the campaign to PR their roster of classical music clients have taken a pretty typical social media idea and turned it into a brilliant campaign.

A Symphony for Youtube

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  1. […] at Carnegie Hall A few months ago I wrote about YouTube setting up its own crowd sourced orchestra. The orchestra performed and a mash up of their performance appeared on the orchestra channel […]

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