the obligatory 2009 prediction post

It’s the beginning of the new year and so like everyone else I feel compelled to tell you what’s going to happen next so here are my predictions for the year:


I’m usually pretty good at the music, last year I called the Ting Tings (after two years of trying to work out who sung that song about being called Stacey) and Duffy (who severely dissapointed me with her album) however I said Vampire Weekend would never go any where and they were easily the best of the year. I think I objected to the name more than the band.

Every year the BBC puts together it’s hot in 2009 list, decides a winner then plays them over and over again on Radio one to make sure they were right.

My favourite off that list is undoubtedly VV Brown the ‘Doo wop’ singer, one listen to ‘Crying Blood’ and you’ll be jiving like Chris Norton at a wedding and singing it non stop

also on that list this year are Empire of the Sun, who I’ve been hearing here and there for a while and think they could follow in MGMT’s foot steps

One act who seems inevitable to become massive and drive me to distraction on a daily basis is Lady Gaga, I’m not putting in a video because I don’t want to encourage her.

My wild card picks for the year are The Asteroids Galaxy Tour who you’ll recognise from the I-Pod adverts

And I’d love to see Laura Marling get some recognition, she put out the best album of last year and no one noticed because they were too busy listening to Duffy’s all filler no killer offering.


Live Music

There’s only one gig this year and that is the Blur reunion, I’ll be there. ’nuff said


Can’t wait for Watchmen, judging by the book it’ll be The Wire with superheroes


Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (yes thats how its spelt) is going to be incredible; it took about 5 years to write, was bought on the day it was finished and began production 5 weeks later (most take months, even years to get to that stage). Plus it’s has the best cast Tarantino has ever had and is undoubtedly the only war film ever to feature a film buff sniper (that’s a sniper that is a film buff not a sniper that kills film buffs.).

Micheal Mann’s new film, Public Enemies stars Johnny Depp and Christian Bale going all Bonnie and Clyde and should be good.

If we’re really lucky there’ll be an Arrested Development movie at the end of the year, I can’t imagine anything better than two hours of Arrested Development

I think this will be a big year for Mary Elizabeth Winstead (most notable for being in Death Proof) and Evan Rachel Wood who’ll hit it big off the back of The Wrestler.


Look out for the Dollshouse which should fill a Buffy shaped void

Dexter season 2 just started on ITV, Dexter is one of the best shows on TV and the second season shouldn’t be missed (unless you’re watching season 3 on FX later this year.)

90210, the remake of Beverly Hills should make for some quality trash viewing

Kings, if it ever makes it to the UK looks pretty cool

FX keep promising to show Generation Kill, an Iraq drama from the guy behind The Wire which means it is entirely possible it will be the best show ever.

Will Ferrell’s new show East Bound and down looks awesome

Though the premiss isn’t great Cupid is being made by a personal hero so I’ll definately be looking at that.

In the returning TV category I’ll be geeking it up with the end of Battlestar Galactica (another contender for best show ever), Damages is good for some highbrow drama, Flight of the Conchords will be deservardly big in 2009, I guarantee it, Chuck should be good and Rock of Love is the most brilliantly trashy TV ever created.

(sorry for the rubbishy formatting but I’m yet to find a blog writer for the mac I can work)



  1. Some thoughts:
    Very excited to have found another Arrested Development fan – most people have never heard of it/are mildly disturbed by it.
    Do you like Flight of the Concords as well?
    I just don’t get Lady Gaga but she does seem to be everywhere…
    I had no idea there was a new Tarantino out soon, so I’m quite excited about that.
    And making a claim that something will fill the space left by Buffy… Interesting.

  2. Re Blog writer for the Mac: Have you tried ScribeFire Blog Editor within FireFox at all? It is the equivalent of the Live Writer plugin that Stuart uses. SF does all you might need for blog posting.

  3. […] upcoming Watchmen film which I’ve waxed lyrical about before is putting on a heavy digital campaign A few YouTube Channels connected to the film […]

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