Be Original

I’ve noticed a recent trend in advertising which I really want to have a little rant about, so bare with me.

In the last 2 months three different adverts have begun showing which blatantly, shamelessly rip off music videos.

First we had this:

The Berocca Advert ‘with the treadmills’ a bit like:

the OK GO music video with the treadmills.

That I could forgive, the song wasn’t a massive hit so most people won’t have seen it and clearly someone the ad agency had seen the video when it went viral.

but now Mazda are ripping off the White Stripe’s Seven nation army video:

and T-Mobile have made something akin to Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’

Have to give T-mobile credit though, the slow supersizing of the dance troupe is pretty cool.

Yes your marketing needs to imaginative and cool if it’s going to have any pronounced effect anymore and achieve that holy grail of modern advertising, going viral. Yes music videos have a knack for the original (they have to because we aren’t forced to watch them) but ripping off an already popular concept will get you no where. It just makes me write annoying ranty blogs.

monologue done, actual post on it’s way, honest.


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