product placement mk 2

for about 6 seconds during I AM Legend while Will Smith wanders through an empty Times Square there’s a glimpse of a giant billboard poster advertising Batman Vs Superman. This sent the geek universe into a whirl with anticipation of this film and License! global even pointed it out as a big branding opportunity of 2009. The film wasn’t real but a reference to a failed idea from 2002 and ain’t it cool news was infinitely dissapointed.

Seems Jerry Bruckheimer (the money magnet who made Pirates of the Caribbean) was taking notes because Empire is reporting he’s about to unveil the poster for summer Blockbuster/ Jake Gylenhaal vehicle Prince of Persia in the background of the more imminent Confessions of a Shopaholic. I don’t really get how the two demographics crossover, ones a Sex and the City clone (albeit one starring the amazing Isla Fisher) the other is a computer game adaptation, I’d say it was appealing to the boyfriends dragged to see Confessions but I’m not sure the type of people who look forward to computer game movies often have girlfriends.

Either way the idea has grabbed column inches so clearly it was a good one and I reckon it’ll lead to more films advertising films or TV, (Heroes posters in Watchmen anyone?)


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