Some Cool Stuff

Just kicking about the internet and wanted to point y’all in the direction of some cool stuff.

The upcoming Watchmen film which I’ve waxed lyrical about before is putting on a heavy digital campaign. A few YouTube Channels connected to the film have appeared including one for Veidt industries (a company owned by one of the characters) and a few Virals from the Watchmen world have appeared. My favourites are the ‘Keene Report’ propaganda video made by rag newspaper ‘The New Frontiersman’ and a brilliantly authentic newspaper report about the godlike Dr Manhattan, Read the comments on ‘The Keene Report’; there are quite a few heroes posting. I love the way they’ve kept the theme going in the discussion and kept the videos completely free of branding. The only things identifying it as Watchmen are the characters and the taglines being thrown around; “Who watches the watchmen”, “Better blue than red”.

The Keene Act & You

NBS Nightly News with Ted Philips, March 11th 1970

Next order of business:
 Whoever is running 30 Rock’s PR has reacted brilliantly to the Christian Bale incident with a Tracy Jordan rant sparked by a camera man filming him whilst he was acting. TMZ has the exclusive recording. If you haven’t seen 30 Rock you probably won’t get it.

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I have no Title

Chris is always telling us to blog about what we’d like to work on so here it is. I just can’t get enough of the film and TV online campaigns that have been put together over the last few years. The way they managed to suck people in make people completely invested just astounds me.

The first one to do it was probably Blair Witch project which managed to make up for the fact that it was shockingly awful by convincing a few people it was real.

In film the first campaign to really grab attention was Cloverfield. Cloverfield simply had strange snippets of handycamcloverfield video featuring flailing monster legs and scared people popping up in random places. The videos featured clues that when googled took you to dummy sites for security firms and government reports about some massive catastrophe.

The Dark Knight did it best though: It’s online campaign began well over a year before the film’s release when The Joker started leaving clues on message boards. The clues led to websites letting you snitch on your neighbour, enroll in the police force or even join the Joker’s gang of clowns. People who joined the police force got invited to online press conferences by Harvey Dent (off of the film), the Jokers gang were sent out onto the streets to cause havoc.

The film’s poster was revealed to a select few online who cracked the joker’s riddles and eventually bad guys and cops alike were sent out on to the streets of major cities following the Joker’s clues to find the prize (apparently posters signed by the cast) or support Harvey Dent at campaign rallies.The-Joker

thousands of people wasted hours following the trails and film magazines reported every development. Chatter was massive as people tried to work out what clues were in the Gotham Times. I doubt more than a half a dozen people went chasing around London for the Jokers prize but the beauty of the campaign was the investment created by the film and the spread of chatter as people blogged, twittered and Face booked their findings. It was impossible to spend more than 5 minutes on a film site without seeing a mention of the Dark Knight and being drawn in to the puzzles.

This is a bit long so I’ll stop now but Honourable mention should also go to Lost, it’s online game during season one brilliantly convinced us the writers had a clue and Mad Men. Every Mad Men character seems to be on Twitter: they Twitter regularly, they interact with real people and each other, never breaking character (they are all very hopeful about Nixon.) and their Tweets are usually genuinely interesting, follow @Betty_Draper if you really want your day pulling down.

I’m posting this because a new online campaign just started off for a film due out next year which I’m pretty sure I’m going to blog about.