The Skinny

Hi, I’m Paul Crouch, you may know me from my admittedly rather abstract post on the Wolfstar blog (I’m going to try to keep it simpler than that, honest). I’m planning to blog more on PR, but as with every other blogger there’ll probably be a few idol thoughts thrown in.

In real life I’m a recent grad now working for the Wolfstar Consultancy. I graduated from Durham in June and, after time out to get chased by fighting bulls, went on to spend a month on work experience at Frank PR before beginning a placement with Wolfstar leading to a proper, adult job.

As Wolfstar is pretty good at social media it seemed liked I should probably fix up and get into the more practical side of the digital world, the result of which is this blog. I do have other reasons: in case I ever have a novel PR thought I should probably have some where to record it, I can drone on about film/ music/ Yak Skiing all I like and no one will complain, Jed will stop telling me to blog, but Overall I’m just hoping this will help me stay on top of the whole social media circus.

if for some bizarre reason you feel the need to contact me you can do that at: paul(dot)crouch1(at)gmail(dot)com


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